"Clinton Fears Angering Bush over Pollard"

Who Are They Kidding?

Justice4JP Release - January 15, 2001

According to a report in Middle East News Line 01/15/01( copy below) unnamed

"administration sources"

have indicated that President Clinton is not likely to commute Jonathan Pollard's sentence before he leaves office, because

"Clinton does not want to anger the incoming administration of President-elect George W. Bush..."

Who are they kidding?

This is a ploy to relieve Mr. Clinton of his moral responsibility to honor his many promises and solemn commitments to Israel and the American Jewish community to release Jonathan Pollard.

Every outgoing president enjoys a unique period of grace in the final days of his administration when he can make difficult or unpopular decisions without expectation of political reward or reprisal. Whether Mr. Clinton will grant clemency to Jonathan Pollard or not, is entirely up to Mr. Clinton.


President Bill Clinton appears likely to ignore pleas by American Jewish leaders to commute the sentence of former U.S. naval analyst Jonathan Pollard. Administration sources said Clinton appears to have quietly shelved plans to commute Pollard's life sentence as part of Middle East peace deal. In 1986, Pollard was convicted of relaying military secrets to Israel.

The sources said Clinton does not want to anger the incoming administration of President-elect George W. Bush on the eve of his inauguration. They said Clinton aides have been quietly warned by the Bush transition team not to make any decision that would be opposed by the incoming administration. "The message is that Bush doesn't want anything dramatic to happen between now and Jan. 20," an administration source said.

On Thursday, Pollard defense attorneys sustained a defeat when U.S. District Judge Norma Holloway Johnson rejected a petition to allow access to the classified portion of the Pollard case. Defense attorneys said they wanted Eliot Lauer, who has security clearance, to read the docket. The government argued that such a move would harm national security. The defense has sought access to the memorandum by then-Defense Secretary Caspar Weinberger.

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