Clemency for Pollard

Seymour D. Reich - New York Times - December 18, 2000

To the Editor:

Re "Pressure Is Again Emerging to Free Jonathan Pollard" (news article, Dec.13):

It is hard to comprehend the vindictiveness of those who oppose clemency for Mr. Pollard while refusing to explain why.

Mr. Pollard committed a crime when he passed along classified intelligence information to Israel, an ally of the United States. He deserved to be punished. But the life sentence he received is almost unheard of in such a case, especially since the government reneged on its agreement not to seek a life sentence.

Mr. Pollard pleaded guilty and has already served 15 years in prison, but he was never convicted in a court trial that would have required the hard evidence that his accusers now refuse to reveal while they circulate undocumented rumors.

It is time for President Clinton to grant clemency to Mr. Pollard on humanitarian grounds and set him free.


Seymour D. Reich

The writer is a past president of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations, and a past president of B'nai Brith International.

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