Pollard's High Holiday Letter to an Israeli Official

Justice4JP Release - October 5, 2000

October 5, 2000

Dear Mr. Kochanovsky,

RE: Your request to my attorney, Larry Dub, as per your telephone call of 10/04/00.

Finally, a year after your second appointment as Israel's special representative on the Pollard case, you are ready to meet with me. It is too late. Your request is denied for the following reasons:

  1. No help whatsoever has been forthcoming from the Government of Israel. Even my latest request to the government of Israel to help me get my case back into American court was dealt with in the usual manner - procrastination and indifference.

  2. Thanks only to my attorney Larry Dub and my wife Esther, I have succeeded in securing the assistance of two outstanding American litigators, Eliot Lauer and Jacques Semmelman of Curtis, Mallet-Provost, Colt & Mosle, (Park Avenue, New York.)

  3. On September 20, 2000 Messrs. Lauer and Semmelman filed a compelling case in Washington District Court.

    The case reveals a gross travesty of justice as defined by American constitutional law. No one who reads these documents can fail to recognize that a great injustice has taken place in my case. According to American law relief is mandatory.

  4. The legal documents show clearly that the US sentenced me on the basis of lies, allegations and false charges for which they had no evidence. The US was able to do so because my ISRAELI PAID defense attorneys subverted my defense and prevented me from ever appealing my sentence.

  5. As you are well aware, for the last 15 years, Israel has NEVER protested my treatment, or the grossly disproportionate sentence that I received.

    Israel did however assist in my mistreatment by providing the Americans with the documents that were used to railroad me into pleading guilty.

  6. When I last invited you to visit me some months ago, it was a final attempt to see if Israel might possibly be persuaded to render even minimal assistance. Your failure - and Israel's complete lack of initiative on my case - have since proven that it was a futile hope.

  7. To date, the Government of Israel has succeeded in avoiding all of its responsibilities to me, as its agent, and you have failed in every aspect of the mandate you were given. I have received absolutely no assistance from you or from the government of Israel - not morally, legally, politically, socially, financially or medically.

  8. Even when my life was recently threatened by a proposed prison move to a violent unit, you and the Government of Israel refused to assist me. (I still have your letter assuring me that I should cooperate with the move, with no regard for the threat to my life.)

  9. My wife and I recently spent another Rosh Ha'Shana in prison. We were surrounded by guns and cameras and barbed wire. My wife stayed in the same cheap motel where last month she was virtually immobilized by an injury. I desperately appealed to Israel to get help for her, but my appeal was ignored. Esther was left to fend for herself - alone and in pain. When questions were asked after the fact, Israel's envoy denied the whole affair. Just as you did to me 15 years ago when Israel threw me out of the Washington Embassy. Nothing has changed since then.

In light of all of the above, Mr. Kochanovsky, how do you still have the temerity to expect me to meet with you? Given your dismal record on my case, it is clear that we have absolutely nothing to discuss.

Yours truly

Jonathan Pollard

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