Former Prisoners of Zion Call on President to Release Pollard

Asirei Zion Organization, Jerusalem

September 22, 2000

Letter To the President of the United States, Mr. Bill Clinton

Mr. President:

As former Prisoners of Zion, we are well aware of the effect that an extended period of imprisonment can have on an intelligent person, without criminal tendencies, who has been arrested, tried and convicted for actions carried out at the dictates of his conscience, Jonathan Pollard is such a person.

When God judges man, He does so not only within the strict confines of Justice, but also with the application of Mercy. This we see in the Psalms (130:3): "If, O Lord, You should store up iniquities, O Lord, who would be able to stand?"

People who have never seen God's world through prison bars may think that Jonathan Pollard had not been sufficiently punished. But we know the kinds of affliction that have become his lot.

The United States courts have determined his sentence. However, it is in your hands, Mr. President, to now apply the quality of mercy.

We, former Prisoners of Zion, who have merited reaching our goal and settling in our homeland, turn to you, Mr. President, and beg of you to exercise your executive prerogative and to pardon Jonathan Pollard.

And this kindness and mercy will be beloved of God and man.

With great respect,

Signatures collected by:
Yosef Mendelevich
Dr. Arieh Volvovsky
Dr. Felix Kochubievsky

N.B. Signatures of all of the prisoners of Zion, members of the Asirei Zion Organization were appended to this letter and sent to President Clinton. They received no reply.