NY Post Advocates Delay In Justice
To Support Its Own Political Agenda

Justice4JP Release - September 7, 2000

To The Editors of the New York Post
September 7, 2000
From Mrs. Jonathan Pollard
Re: Editorial 09/07/00

Dear Sirs:

The New York Post editorial "Pollard and Politics" (09/07/00) is factually flawed and politically biased.

If the Post's conviction that President Clinton should wait until after the New York Senate elections before announcing a decision on the fate of Jonathan Pollard were genuine, then it could have stood on its own merit without the recycling of slander, innuendo and lies about my husband.

The Post's vague, unspecified allegations of Jonathan's guilt fall into same the category of false charges that have been routinely leveled at my husband for the last 15 years - always through the media, but never in a court of law, because there is not a shred of evidence to support them.

The Post has turned a blind eye to the obvious judicial inequities of the open record of the Pollard case, including:

  • the lack of due process
  • the use of secret evidence
  • a broken plea agreement
  • a grossly disproportionate sentence
  • a false charge of treason
  • blatantly inaccurate evidence
  • ex parte communication between the judge and the prosecution
  • ineffective legal counsel and last but not least, the
  • US's violation of a commitment to Israel not to use the documents Israel returned in the prosecution of Pollard.

The Post also selectively presents only the views that support its anti-Pollard bias. For example, the Post cites Senator Lieberman's condemnation of Jonathan Pollard and ignores Senator Schumer's advocacy. Schumer, unlike Lieberman has actually seen the classified Pollard file.

Ultimately Jonathan will be cleared of the false accusations against him and as Senator Schumer has indicated, the grossly disproportionate sentence he received will be shown to be what it is - a politically-driven ploy with no basis in the classified record, and no justification in the open record. That day is not far off.

The Post's editorial position is blatantly transparent: its support for Republican candidate Lazio is being camouflaged behind a veil of sanctimonious concern for a depoliticized commutation process. No one is deceived by this.

The Post's call for a delay in President's Clinton's decision on the Pollard case is a call for a denial of justice in order to promote its own political agenda.

Esther Pollard
(Mrs. Jonathan Pollard)

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