Clinton Spokesman Promoted Pollard Release, Now Clams Up

Excerpted from: Rick May $tick It to Hillary - NY Post - Aug. 22, 2000

Robert Hardt Jr. & Gregg Birnbaum - New York Post - August 22, 2000

Hillary Clinton spokesman Howard Wolfson has carefully avoided saying whether Jonathan Pollard who was convicted of spying for Israel should have his sentence commuted.

But that wasn't always the case.

In 1998, Wolfson declared, "What Jonathan Pollard did was wrong, but his punishment was disproportionate to his crime, and his sentence should be commuted for humanitarian reasons."

Why has his position changed?

Back then, Wolfson was working for Chuck Schumer's Senate campaign.

While Schumer favors commuting Pollard's sentence, Hillary Clinton has delicately ducked the touchy issue.

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