Pollard Predicted Lieberman Flip Flops

August 16, 2000 - Justice4JP Release

'Lieberman said in 1996 that if Clinton didn't move the American Embassy to Jerusalem, "I will go there and build it brick by brick." Now, he says it's not the time.'

(It's All Monica Now, Joe - Sidney Zion - NY Post - 08/15/00)

When the candidacy of Joseph Lieberman was announced, Justice4JP released a statement (08/08/00) citing the Pollard case as

"an example of what voters can expect of Joseph Lieberman as Vice President of the United States."

Justice4JP cautioned:

"... there is much to be concerned about. Where will such a man stand on matters related to Israel and the Jewish community? Will he continue to do what he has done in the Pollard case? Will he continue to advocate to the detriment of his own kind to prove that he is a true and loyal American?"

The very next day, after the Justice4JP broadcast, Lieberman began a series of public flip-flops to pull his "principles" in line with his political ambitions. A Wall Street Journal editorial (08/11/00) states:

"Sen. Lieberman is already and unhesitatingly trimming centrist Democratic positions he once supported. Social Security privatization now troubles him. His support for school vouchers for all schools has faded, replaced by a approved enthusiasm for charter public schools, a stance that abandons Orthodox Jewish schools' hope for vouchers."

Justice4JP does not endorse or oppose any candidate in the Presidential elections. Justice4JP does however see it as our responsibility to the public to reveal how any candidate's position on the Pollard case is a reflection of that candidate's commitment to the truth, or alternately a reflection of his willingness to subvert principles of honesty, justice, and fair play to political goals.

In the case of vice presidential candidate Joseph Lieberman, a wealth of evidence exists which demonstrates that Lieberman's unprincipled, politically-driven position on the Pollard case should serve as a cautionary tale for American voters. Lieberman continues to demonstrate in a variety of ways - from his subversion of the orthodox Jewish imperative on abortion to the reversal of his position on affirmative action - that principle for Lieberman can be twisted to serve political ends as needed.

Justice4JP is making material available on the web to help readers decide for themselves whether Joe Lieberman really is "Mr. Morality", or just another political opportunist. Some of the articles Justice4JP will be making available on the web include:

Other articles will be added as they become available.

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