Warning: Beware Fraudulent "Pollard" E-mails

Justice4JP Release - May 25, 2000

It has been brought to the attention of Justice4JP that fraudulent "Pollard" emails are being broadcast from an unauthorized and misleading address, "freepollard@hotmail.com"

The messages falsely claim to be from "Yonatan Pollard". The contact name on these emails is "Danny" and the phone number shown is 02-651-7702.

Messages emanating from "freepollard@hotmail.com" are not authorized by Jonathan and Esther Pollard, and the use of Jonathan Pollard's name is completely fraudulent.

The author of these emails, Danny Gottlieb [Menachem], has not consulted with the Pollards or with Justice4JP and his actions are harmful. He was previously asked by the Pollards to cease and desist but has ignored all requests.

Be advised that content of Gottlieb's fraudulent messages is in complete violation of Justice4JP policy: we do not authorize or endorse organized fund-raising and we do not advocate confrontational strategy in the fight for Jonathan's release.

It should also be pointed out that Gottlieb has previously attempted to gain a tax exempt charitable number in the Pollards' name without their knowledge or permission - which speaks volumes about his credibilty. Supporters of Jonathan Pollard should beware, and steer clear of any "initiatives to help Pollard" planned or proposed by Danny Gottlieb.

Please note that the official email addressof the Pollard case is pollard@jonthanpollard.org As a rule, all official Justice4JP email emanates from this address.

Other email addresses authorized to carry official Pollard email are:

  • Justice4@netvision.net.il
  • Torzc@interlog.com
  • Justice4JP@aol.com

If you receive a renegade "Pollard" email from any other address, please report it to us at once.

Justice4JP welcomes and appreciates those legitimate and credible news services (such as Dr. Aaron Lerner's IMRA) that recirculate official Pollard emails for the information of their readers.