Pollard's Attorney Issues Warning to Jlem Post

Mr. Paul Staszewski - President and CEO
Mr. Carl Shrag - Editor
The Jerusalem Post
Jerusalem 91000

Via Fax and Regular Mail
April 5, 2000


As you know, this office represents Jonathan Pollard, the Israeli agent who is currently serving a life sentence in the United States for his activities on behalf of Israel.

Two letters recently published by the Jerusalem Post have been brought to my attention - one written by Bart Knapp, of New Milford, New Jersey on March 20,2000, and the other by Bernard Henderson of New York City on April 3, 2000.

The content of the above letters is baseless, inaccurate and libelous. Surely no serious reader would be taken in by the hateful and untruthful hyperbole of the former, or the crude, misinformed, incoherent ramblings of the latter. This raises a question as to why the Jerusalem Post elected to publish such rubbish.

I have previously written to call your attention to information on the Pollard case being twisted or misreported by the Jerusalem Post. (My letter of September 10 1999, to you is a case in point.) We now seem to be witnessing a continuation of what appears to be the same negative editorial policy, expressed in such "letters to the editor". Essentially, the Jerusalem Post appears to be promoting a misinformed/negative stance towards Jonathan Pollard in this manner, while carefully avoiding the possibility of any legal action against the paper. This is not the kind of behavior towards an Israeli agent in peril that one would expect from a responsible or credible newspaper, much less one that is identified as Israel's leading English language newspaper.

Be advised that free-for-all attacks on Jonathan Pollard in the media will no longer be tolerated. Our policy of forbearance officially ended on February 3, 2000 - the day we filed suit against Ha'aretz for the libelous article it published on January 31. (Although our filing of the lawsuit against Ha'aretz was widely reported in the media in Israel and abroad, the Jeruslaem Post neglected to report it.) The case against Ha'aretz will begin on May 3, 2000.

Be advised that should the Jerusalem Post publish any article or comment on its own that is either inaccurate and/or libelous, we will file suit at once. It is hoped that the Jerusalem Post will act in a more professional and responsible manner in its reporting of facts concerning my client's case, as no further warnings will be issued.

Very truly yours,
Larry Dub

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