High Court Rejects Pollard Petition

MENL - February 7, 2000

JERUSALEM - The High Court, expressing confidence in the government of Prime Minister Ehud Barak, has refused to intervene to help Jonathan Pollard win his release from a U.S. prison.

The High Court of Justice on Sunday rejected a petition filed by Pollard, a former U.S. naval analyst, to compel the government to secure his immediate release and address his medical and financial needs. In 1985, Pollard was sentenced to life imprisonment for passing sensitive U.S. military information to Israel.

"The court believes that the government will fulfill its obligations to take care of the needs of the petitioner, and do what is necessary to secure his release from prison," Justice Michael Chesin said. "The court shares in the hope that the government's way will be successful and that the petitioner will be freed from prison in the very near future. Along with that, from a legal standpoint, the court does not see fit to intervene in the action being taken or planned by the government in this case. Accordingly, our decision is to reject the petition."

Pollard's attorneys had also requested $1.75 million in government compensation for representing their client since 1994. [Justice4JP Note: This is Government-spread disinformation. The Pollard Petition did not make a request for a specific sum of money for legal compensation. Rather it only sought to establish the principle that Jonathan Pollard has a right to have his legal expenses funded. See Petition 6029.] The government has refused, saying the attorneys are waging a public rather than a legal struggle.

The judges agreed that the Pollard campaign was not approved by the government. [Justice4JP Note: While the Court recognized the Government's claim that it had not chosen Jonathan Pollard's current attorney, it also recognized Mr. Dub's claim for compensation. In its Decision, the Court directed Pollard's attorney to file a Civil suit for compensation.]

Pollard's attorneys expressed dismay over the decision. "In all this time, the government has not made any attempt to fulfill any of its obligations to Jonathan Pollard -- legal, moral, financial or medical," attorney Larry Dub said. "It is puzzling to consider on what -- other than wishful thinking -- the court is basing its confidence."

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