Update On the Eve of the Supreme Court Ruling

Media Release - February 5, 2000

Jonathan Pollard awoke yesterday in a pool of blood, hemorrhaging from his sinuses - again. No doubt that this latest episode was, at least in part, a reaction to the extreme stress of dealing with the latest retaliatory measures against him for filing another lawsuit, initiated by the "long arm" of Jerusalem.

With G-d's help, and the swift action of Pollard's attorneys and friends in Washington, the "problem" in the prison has been resolved successfully. For now. But the toll that the process of resolving it has taken on Jonathan's health is a price that is still being paid.

Tomorrow, February 6, 2000, the Supreme Court of Israel will rule on the landmark case of Jonathan Pollard vs. Prime Minister Ehud Barak.

As is well known, the Government of Ehud Barak has failed to carry out even its most minimal obligations to Jonathan Pollard. Recognizing its obligations to him as an Israeli agent, the Government made a series of specific promises to Jonathan Pollard its Initial Response to the Court in October 1999. Not a single one of these promises has been fulfilled or acted upon in any way.

In other words, the Government essentially lied to the Court in its Initial Response. It will therefore be particularly interesting to see how the Supreme Court responds to the Government's contemptuous behavior. The Court's decision on the case in general is historically significant in that it is likely to set precedent regarding the Government's responsibility to Israeli soldiers and agents.

Asked for his feelings about the Supreme Court decision tomorrow, Jonathan Pollard made the following comments:

"The facts are clear and indisputable: I am an Israeli agent. The Government has specific legal obligations towards me. No one disputes that. Nevertheless the Government has failed to discharge any of its obligations to me, whether medical, financial, moral, legal, etc. In the light of the Government's complete abandonment of me, an Israel agent, it is now up to the Supreme Court to protect me and to defend my legal rights. Whatever happens tomorrow, whatever is decided tomorrow, I am not the one on trial. The judges themselves will ultimately be judged by the Highest Court of all. This is their moment of truth. May G-d grant them wisdom and discernment, and the will to resist non-relevant political influence."

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