Larry Dub Letter to P.M. Barak

Mr. Ehud Barak
Prime Minister's Office
The Kyria, Jerusalem

December 28, 1999
(Translated from Hebrew)

Dear Sir,

Re: Jonathan Pollard Petition No. 6029/99

Be advised Mrs. Pollard and I met with David Ivri today for the purpose of receiving an update regarding what immediate steps the Ambassador plans to take to assist my client as per the declaration in your response to the Supreme Court of Israel, October 7,1999.

It is very troubling that on the eve of his departure to the United States to take up his post as the Israeli ambassador, Mr. Ivri admitted that:

  1. He has received no update from the Prime Minister or from any government official regarding Jonathan Pollard

  2. He has received no instructions from the Prime Minister or from any government official regarding Jonathan Pollard

  3. There is no plan whatsoever to assist Jonathan Pollard.

Mr. Ivri agreed with Mrs. Pollard that it would be inappropriate for him to hear from her those matters that concern the Prime Minister exclusively, and suggested that she talk directly with you.

As you know, the President of the USA has the constitutional right to grant clemency unilaterally without limitation, as Mr. Clinton recently proved, when he freed 14 FALN terrorists in spite of the solid opposition of all of his government agencies and Congress.

As Prime Minister and Minister of Defense you are the only one with authority to approach Mr. Clinton to request that he grant executive clemency to Jonathan Pollard.

Cheap stunts like sending a low level clerk to Washington to make what the White House called "a courtesy call" do not impress any one and will not lead to the release of my client.

Your continued failure to accept responsibilty and to act on behalf of an Israeli agent is troubling. Only your direct intervention with President Clinton will save the life of Jonathnan Pollard and bring him home.

Very truly yours,

Larry Dub

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