Hillary Waffles; OU Postures
Source: CBS News

December 14, 1999

NEW YORK - According to a CBS Radio News report [14/12/99] Jonathan Pollard was one of the main subjects of discussion in a closed-door meeting between Mrs. Clinton and leaders of the Orthodox Union in New York today. According to CBS, an unnamed OU "source" stated that "good things happened" at this meeting.

Justice for Jonathan Pollard notes that if indeed anything worthy of mention had happened, it would have been mentioned either by Hillary or by the OU.

Indeed, had anything of any real significance occurred, it would be reasonable to expect a public announcement by a credible identified source and of course an official press release to follow.

The CBS sound-byte obliquely suggests that a change has occurred in the position and attitude of the First Lady, which in fact has not occurred and is not likely to occur any time soon. Since all that has been announced is the teaser "good things happened", it is reasonable to presume that this is yet another move designed to take the pressure off of the First Lady.

This appears to be the same kind of manipulation of public opinion that was recently evidenced in a calculated anonymous leak to the NY Post which claimed "Hillary's Camp is Weighing Clemency for Pollard".

Mrs. Clinton knows the facts. It is time for her to state her position on the Pollard case, one way or the other.

Whether pro or con, Mrs. Clinton's position will speak volumes about where she stands regarding such issues as judicial equity, the use of secret evidence, the use of collective punishment, broken plea agreements and the blood libel of treason against the Jewish people - and it will show whether she is willing to work to guarantee due process for all Americans.

In the meantime, with all of their fancy footwork, the OU appears to be merely aiding and abetting Mrs. Clinton's evasion of the issue.

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