Knesset Lobby to Clinton: Keep your Promise

News Release - December 14, 1999

JERUSALEM, December 14, 1999 - A newly reconstituted Knesset Lobby for the Release of Jonathan Pollard convened for its first meeting at the Knesset today.

The Lobby is chaired by M.K General Rechavam Ze'evi, and is composed of Knesset Members across the political spectrum, from both the coalition and the opposition parties. Representatives that attended today included members of the following Knesset Factions: Labor, Likud, Shinui, Yisrael Beitanu, Yisrael B'Alyiah, Mafdal, Agudah, the Breakaway Russian Party, and HaYichud Haleumi.

At this opening session,Pollard's attorney Larry Dub presented an update and provided corroborated testimony of how President Clinton first committed to the release of Jonathan Pollard as an integral part of the Wye Accords and then reneged just as the Accords were about to be signed. (See: Netanyahu Reveals Double-Cross on Pollard Release)

Seven resolutions were adopted by the Knesset Lobby, including one calling upon President Clinton to keep the promise that he made to former Prime Minister Netanyahu at Wye to free Jonathan Pollard.

The resolutions follow below, as translated from the original Hebrew Media Release by the Knesset Lobby, December 14, 1999.

The Knesset Lobby for the Release of Jonathan Pollard

Media Release - December 14, 1999

Summary of Resolutions:

  1. The members of the Knesset Lobby view with concern and anger the continuing incarceration of Jonathan Pollard.

  2. The members of the Knesset Lobby express their full support for Jonathan Pollard and express their desire to see him speedily returned to Israel, healthy and whole.

  3. The Knesset Lobby will approach the President of the United States, Bill Clinton, with the request that he exercise his constitutional power to grant executive clemency, and that he keep his promises to the Prime Minster of Israel and free Jonathan Pollard at once.

  4. The Knesset Lobby will make a similar request of the President's wife, Hillary Clinton, who is now a candidate for Senate. (See The Senate Race Page.)

  5. The Knesset Lobby will approach Prime Minister Ehud Barak demanding that the State of Israel insist upon the immediate release of Pollard by the American Government, and as well that the State of Israel provide full support for Pollard legally, financially, and medically.

  6. The Knesset Lobby will seek partners within the American Jewish community for joint action.

  7. Members of the Knesset Lobby will raise the issue of the release of Jonathan Pollard in the Knesset plenum.

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