British MP and Delegation Calls for Release of Pollard

December 13, 1999 - Press Release - Bournemouth Jewish Community

A petition from the Bournemouth Jewish Community calling for the release of Jonathan Pollard from imprisonment in the USA was presented today to the United States Minister - political, Mr. Glen Davies, deputising for the United States Ambassador in London, Hon. Phillip Lader, on behalf of the community, by Mr. John V. Butterfill MP for Bournemouth West.

Mr. Butterfill was accompanied by a delegation comprising of Mr Neville Nagler (Executive Director of the Board of Deputies of British Jews), Dr George M Ettinger (representative of the Bournemouth Community) and Dr. Colin L Leci (British Campaign for the Release of Jonathan Pollard).

The delegation expressed its concern to the US Minister that on the 23rd October 1998, following the signing of The Wye River Memorandum, US President William Clinton made the following statement in the East Room - The White House Washington DC, "With respect to Mr. Pollard, I have agreed to review this matter seriously, at the Prime Minister's request. I have made no commitment as to the outcome of the review". It was implied that this was to be a speedy review - yet almost fourteen months later no review has taken place.

Following the meeting, Dr. Leci expressed his disappointment that the US Administration's response was that the judicial process has to be followed irrespective of President Clinton's commitment to review the matter made following the signing of the Wye River Memorandum Agreement.