Mr. Diplomat; Mr. Security - Ehud Barak

Excerpt on Barak and Pollard

Ma'ariv Weekend Magazine - October 29, 1999 - Ben Caspit

(Translated from Hebrew)

Yesterday Jonathan and Esther Pollard celebrated their wedding anniversary...separately, of course. Pollard spent it in prison in Butner, North Carolina where he is entering his 15th year of incarceration. Esther spent their anniversary in Jerusalem, where she has been attempting - in vain - to meet with Ehud Barak.

Barak is the first Prime Minister who isn't willing to see Pollard's wife. The couple say that his reason for refusing is "real personal."

Last week Pollard filed a request in Supreme Court to have Barak produce documents which contain not a small amount of explosive material. It seems Barak, as an IDF General and head of AMAN (Israeli Military Intelligence), had a meeting or two with his American counterparts about Pollard, right after Pollard was arrested.

This week also marks the one year anniversary of the "speedy review" of the Pollard case that Clinton promised to defuse the crisis over Pollard at the Wye Summit. Obviously there's been no review and no speed. The Americans are ignoring this highly-charged issue, and the Israelis are helping them.

It is possible that Barak really does intend to work for Pollard's release secretly. The Pollards don't believe him. At this point, 15 years later, there is no movement on the case at all. They have been watching Barak as he freed 350 terrorists, many with blood on their hands; and Clinton as he freed a group of FALN (Puerto Rican) terrorists, who were responsible for bombings, death and destruction in the USA. Clinton and Barak didn't even bat an eyelash as they let these terrorists go free - and Pollard is still in prison.

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