John V. Kelley & Paul DiGaetano
New Jersey Assembly

October 27, 1999

Governor George Bush
Bush for President
P.O. Box 1902
Austin Texas 78767-1902

Dear Governor Bush:

We are writing to you further to our letter of October 25, 1999, concerning the Jonathan Pollard case. As you know, Pollard has served in Federal prison for the past fifteen years on a charge of espionage for Israel.

While we in no way condone acts of espionage or any violation of our country's laws, we nonetheless believe that the lifetime sentence imposed upon Pollard is unduly harsh and inconsistent with the punishments given to other Americans convicted of even worse crimes. The release of Lieutenant-Commander Michael Schwartz after his indictment on charges of espionage for Saudi Arabia and the clemency granted by President Clinton to fourteen FALN terrorists underscore our nation's historic tradition for compassion and forgiveness admired throughout the world. Pollard remains an unfortunate exception, his sentence far in excess of that given to others.

As loyal members of the Republican Party, we are all too aware of statements made by former colleagues that have raised considerable concern within the Jewish community. Your policies and those of the GOP have opened a real window of trust to the Jewish citizens in New Jersey and our entire country. Your advocacy of a pardon for Jonathan Pollard would expand that window.

We respectfully urge you to review the Jonathan Pollard case, and to publicly share your concern for his welfare and your commitment to the commutation of his sentence. As we wrote to you only two days ago, it is our hope that upon your successful election as President of the United States, you will consider the Pollard application and grant him the clemency that he and his family deserve.

John V. Kelley

Paul Di Gaetano
Assembly Majority Leader

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