Holding Hillary Clinton's Feet to the Fire

(Excerpt) Manhattan Jewish Sentinel - October 7, 1999 - Walter Ruby

The president of the Orthodox Union is running out of patience with Hillary Rodham Clinton. Nearly three months after the First Lady and presumptive New York senatorial candidate wrote a letter to OU President Mandell Ganchrow...Rodham Clinton's staff has not even contacted the OU to set a date...

Ganchrow denied that he and the OU are in effect favoring Rodham Clinton's expected rival in the 2000 New York senatorial race, Mayor Rudolph Giuliani. Still, Ganchrow praised the major for his "forthright and unambiguous stands on Jerusalem, Jonathan Pollard and other issues of importance to us."..

Ganchrow was asked whether he has not been signaling a clear preference for Giuliani over Rodham Clinton, especially given the prominent role the mayor played in helping the OU to open its new national headquarters in Lower Manhattan last month; an occasion the mayor used to express support for a presidential commutation of Jonathan Pollard's sentence..."I won't hide that we have a wonderful relationship with the mayor, who has forthrightly supported positions we have taken."

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