Pollard Clemency May Be Hillary's Next Headache

The New York Post
[In Washington Column]
September 10, 1999

The New York Post (9/9, Orin) reported, "Hillary Clinton's FALN headache is about to get worse - because Sen. Chuck Schumer has come out for clemency for convicted Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard." Schumer "joins Mayor Giuliani - Mrs. Clinton's likely Senate foe - who has called for clemency for Pollard, thus putting new pressure on Mrs. Clinton on an issue dear to many Jewish voters." Pollard's advocates "argue that since FALN got clemency, he should too, because he has done 13 years in jail for spying for a friendly country - and was never linked to a terror bombing group." Pollard advocates began "calling on Mrs. Clinton to push her husband to free him while she was still backing her husband's offer to free the FALNers - before belatedly flip-flopping when the deal came under fire."

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