Hikind Joins with Community Members and Leaders
from the Five Boroughs at Press Conference

"Please Hillary, intercede on Pollard's behalf."

August 29, 1999

Assemblyman Dov Hikind (D-Brooklyn) and community members and leaders from throughout New York assembled today at the headquarters of Hillary Rodham Clinton's Exploratory Committee, at 450 7th Avenue, to prevail upon Hillary Clinton to address the issues of Jonathan Pollard's prolonged sentence.

"There is still some discrepancy with regard to the First Lady's positioning on issues of concern to the Jewish community," Hikind said. "If she would consent to take an active role in reviewing all the aspects of the case, it would significantly reverse how she is perceived in certain sectors. "

"I have written Hillary asking her to exert her influence with the President to secure the release of Jonathan Pollard. The sentence meted out to Pollard seems disproportionate to the crime he committed in spying for a U.S. ally. He has sincerely expressed remorse; many in the legal and intelligence communities propose that the interests of justice are not served with a life sentence."

"We have an obligation as Americans and as Jews to do whatever we can to evoke support on behalf of a man who has been confined beyond the terms of his original plea. We are pleading with Hillary to impress her husband with the humanitarian aspects of a pardon for Jonathan Pollard, and we are determined that his freedom become a serious issue in the New York Senate contest. We will not rest until that is accomplished."

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