A Murderer by Any Other Name...

The Truth About the 750 Palestinian Terrorist Prisoners to Be Freed by Barak Under Wye

Headline: PA demanding release of terrorists (IsraelWire-8/17)

The PLO Authority (PA) negotiators are remaining firm in their demand for Israel's release of terrorists who were apprehended prior to the signing of the Oslo Accord (September 13, 1993). According to senior PA security chief Mohammed Dahlan in Gaza, those persons incarcerated by Israel prior to the signing of Oslo are not terrorists but "freedom fighters." Minister of Internal Security Shlomo Ben-Ami has indicated the need for Israel to expand the criteria for the release of prisoners, explaining that under Wye, Israel is bound to release 750 prisoners.

The Truth:

At Wye, the price for President Clinton's commitment to release Jonathan Pollard was the release of 750 terrorist prisoners by Israel.

At the last minute, Clinton reneged on Pollard, but the list of terrorist prisoners to be released - many with blood on their hands - remained intact.

Former Prime Minister Netanyahu refused to pay this price unless and until he received Pollard. Privately, his cabinet ministers were assured that following Clinton's so-called "review", Pollard would be returned to Israel as agreed.

Netanyahu underscored his determination that this time Clinton must keep his word, so instead of terrorist prisoners he released 250 common criminals. Netanyahu's point was made and the Americans understood that Pollard would have to be returned to Israel before any prisoners with blood on their hands would be freed.

Barak has completely ignored the deal that Netanyahu had with Clinton and has removed Pollard from the picture. Instead, Barak is now about to release the 750 terrorists/murderers without insisting that Clinton honor his word.

In order to rationalize paying this exorbitant price without getting anything in return, the Barak administration is attempting to "kosher" these murderers by renaming them pre-Oslo "freedom fighters".

* N.B.

Jonathan Pollard is linked to the Middle East Peace Process. This linkage was established without Pollard's involvement or agreement. See point #25 on The Facts Page for further details.