Hillary Clinton pressed to support a pardon for Pollard

Ha'aretz - August 15, 1999
by Nitzan Horowitz, Ha'aretz Correspondent

New York Senator Charles Schumer has appealed to Hillary Clinton to come out with a public statement supporting the release of Jonathan Pollard, according to the New York newspaper Jewish Week.

The appeal from Schumer, a Jew and a Democrat, is part of the fight over the Jewish vote in the New York Senate race between Clinton and the leading Republican candidate, New York City Mayor Rudolph Guiliani.

Pollard is currently serving a life sentence in a federal prison for spying for Israel.

Howard Wolfson, Clinton's spokesman, said the first lady has "no immediate response on the issue."

In contrast, Guiliani has repeatedly declared his support of a pardon for Pollard. "The mayor has consistently voiced his support for a pardon for Pollard both in public and private," said Bruce Teitelbaum, director of the Guiliani campaign's audit committee.

"He has stated that, in comparison to similar cases, Pollard's sentence and the period of time he has already served indicate that Pollard has received different and far harsher treatment. He must be released."...

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