January 20, 1999

Dear Ms. Reno:
Re: Justice Dept. Fax of January 19, 1999

I would like to respond to a fax received today from Mr. Craig Iscoe, in which he states that your department would be willing to receive a submission on behalf of my client, Jonathan Pollard, whose request for executive clemency is currently before the President.

As you know, Section 1.5 of the Rules Governing Petitions For Executive Clemency, published by the Justice Department, clearly vests authority in you to allow Mr. Pollard and his attorneys to see the evidence and material in the file in order to serve the ends of justice, and enable us to formulate a proper defense and submission to your agency.

Accordingly, in the interests of due process, I am hereby requesting that my client and his attorneys be allowed a full review of the complete record in possession of the Justice Department. Only after a full review of the complete file -including sentencing documents and secret charges - can my client formulate a defense and enter a submission.

From the time the Justice Department indicted my client until today, the Department has consistently denied my client and his counsel access to those documents that would clearly exonerate him of the false charges that are now being presented as fact in the media. Moreover, the Department itself has failed to correct the record, even though it is fully aware of the truth.

By tolerating numerous vicious and false media "leaks" and making no attempt to investigate and prosecute those American officials responsible for disclosing sensitive material to the media in violation of the law, the Department of Justice has in essence been complicit with those who slander and libel my client.

Surely the Justice Department is cognizant of the fact that the false allegations in the media could not possibly be true. The Department knows, my client did NOT have the clearances, training, access or the time to do all of these things.

My client is being blamed for those crimes - previously unsolved - which it is now known were committed by Aldrich Ames, David Boone and Ronald Pelton and perhaps a number of others who, unlike these three, haven't been caught yet. This is reminiscent of the infamous Dreyfus case in France, where even after Esterhazy - the true culprit - had been caught, they still refused to release Dreyfus.

Human rights activist and McGill Professor of Law, Irwin Cotler - who also defended Nelson Mandela, Jacobo Timmmerman and Andre Sakharov - in a recent article concluded:

"American justice - not Jonathan Pollard - is on trial."
(Globe and Mail, Toronto, Jan. 19, 1999 - copy attached.)

Accordingly, I reiterate my request to you to have full access to the record in your possession regarding my client and to fully review it in order to make an honest , fair, and adequate submission on his behalf.

I look forward to your response.

Very truly Yours,
Larry Dub Esq.

cc Mr. Craig Iscoe Esq.
Mr. Charles Ruff Esq.

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