New Yorker to publish sequel by Seymour Hersh - "sources" reveal



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January 12, 1999

High-ranking US senior intelligence sources have revealed to investigative reporter Seymour Hersh the latest and most stunning accusation against Jonathan Pollard. According to these sources, Pollard continues to do damage to the US weather system even as he languishes in a federal prison cell in Butner, North Carolina.

These sources, who are so secret that even they don't know who they are, have consented to go public identifying Jonathan Pollard as the man responsible for this years' devastating EL NIÑO storm damage in Central America.

The storm, which ravaged the area, caused hundreds of deaths and millions of dollars worth of damage. According to top secret channels, Pollard was able to manipulate the course and intensity of the storm with tools that he fashioned out of an old toothbrush and a wishbone left-over from a dehydrated Kosher chicken dinner, - all items purchased in the prison cantina.

Sources report speaking to Hersh at his home in Washington, where he is said to have declared, "The insidiousness of this man, (Pollard), can scarcely be believed! I intend to do a full report, based on the most unreliable sources I can find, to expose Pollard once and for all, as a former Indian Shaman whose ability to manipulate entire weather systems, makes him a menace not only to the United States, but to the entire solar system! If he can ravage Central America with his bare hands from a prison cell, there is no telling the kind of damage he is capable of if he ever gets a chance to set his mystic skills to work on the Temple Mount in Israel!"

Hersh is alleged to have continued, "Some say that Poltergeists predate Pollard, but my sources say that they have evidence that there were no Poltergeists in the USA until Pollard was arrested."

If you believed the Seymour Hersh article in this weeks' edition of the NEW YORKER, you'll love the follow up. It is every bit as lacking in credible fact as the first installment!

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