Ever Wonder "Why Pollard Never...?" - Memo

August 16, 1998

Ever wonder why JONATHAN POLLARD has never enlisted the support of high profile JEWISH personalities to help him fight for equal justice?

The best known names in the Jewish world of money, power, politics and media have all been repeatedly approached and asked for help. Their excuses are flimsy at best.

It appears that they are either too involved funding or defending the president in the White House. Or they are too busy enjoying posing for glossy photo-ops with president to have any time, money, or public face left for the mitzvah of Pidyan Shvuyim, or the issue of equal justice.

The next time you wonder if Jonathan Pollard ever approached "so-and so", the answer is "Yes, and Pollard was either turned down or completely ignored."

The next time some slick Jewish politician (who is known for his fundraising for Clinton) tells you how much he cares about Pollard, or some Jewish billionaire tells you how he and his organization are fighting for justice for all Jews (mainly dead ones), tell them that talk is cheap, and that you know first-hand that they have not done a single meaningful thing to help Jonathan Pollard. (If they had, Pollard would not still be in prison!)

Ask them "When was the last public rally you sponsored for Pollard? When was there ever a full page ad in a major American paper for Pollard? When was the last time you wrote an OpEd for a newspaper of record, calling for justice for Jonathan Pollard? When was Pollard ever OFFICIALLY on your agenda for a meeting at the White House.?" ("Officially" is the operative word here.)

Ask them for one concrete example of what they have done to secure the release of Pollard, and they will glibly answer something-or-other. No matter what they answer, you then say, "But that was many years ago, and Pollard is still in prison, what have you done recently?" You will see the fear in their eyes as they make their excuses and slink off.

Here's a little example of Jewish power and support - for Clinton, not Pollard - from the London Times today (source JCN August 16,1998).


They include Barbra Streisand, Tom Hanks, Steven Spielberg and Gail Zappa, widow of rock musician Frank Zappa. Two others who sent $10,000 cheques were Mr Spielberg's co-founders of the DreamWorks studio, David Geffen and Jeffrey Katzenberg. There is speculation Mr Clinton will join the board of DreamWorks after he leaves office.

Even with the $2 million from 8,000 contributors, the Clintons are well short of covering their lawyers' costs, estimated at $6 million and with the potential to reach $10 million before their legal woes are resolved. (London Times)

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