Open Letter: Women For Israel's Tomorrow (WIG) to Jonathan Pollard

December 19, 1997

Jonathan Pollard # 09185-016
P.O.B. 1000
Butner, NC 27509 - 1000, U.S.A.

Dear Jonathan,

On our radio show in English Wednesday evening, and again on our show Thursday morning in Hebrew on Arutz 7, we urged our audience to write to you for Chanukah. We also urged them simultaneously to write to Prime Minister Netanyahu on your behalf. It is a long delayed acknowledgment of the indebtedness of all of the People of Israel to you for all that you have done in our behalf. It is also an attempt to share this Holiday with you and to express our fervent prayers on your behalf that indeed you will be spending "Next Year in Jerusalem: with us here. What a great "simchah" that will be for the Jewish People to have you free and able to come "home'.

Our Women in Green have been your staunch supporters since the very outset of our founding more than three years ago. We have demonstrated outside of the American Consulate in Jerusalem on your birthday, and held demonstrations in the past asking for your immediate release. It is therefore heartwarming for us that finally, finally this Israel Government is beginning to openly support your being pardoned. However, we have not been content with this "beginning" alone. We have been directly in contact with the Ministry of Education to have the children in our schools write to you words of encouragement and appreciation; and to Prime Minister Netanyahu, and to President Clinton, urging the latter in the name of fairness and justice to release you forthwith. The Ministry of Education has just informed us that they have accepted our proposal, and that the children will begin writing letter to you, and to others, in your behalf.

We wanted to let you know that just as Chanukah symbolizes the resolute will of the Jewish People to have its Heritage survive, you symbolize for us a modern example of the spirit of the Maccabees. You, like them, attempted to defend and fight for your People at a time when their very existence was endangered. You are a shining example for all of us that at times of great danger to the Jewish People, and to Israel, you came forth willing to sacrifice your life, your career, and your physical well being in order to warn us about the plans of our enemies to destroy us. Realistically, America as well has benefited greatly by Israel's survival, and all Americans therefore, should be grateful to you.

You, Jonathan, have made possible that there will be a new light coming out of Zion. For that, we, and people everywhere interested in a just moral and ethical world, are eternally indebted to you.

Ruth and Nadia Matar
Co-Chairwomen of Women In Green

P.O.B. 7352, JERUSALEM TEL. 02-6249887 FAX: 02-6245380