Why Did The Pentagon Decline To Prosecute Schwartz?

December 1, 1996

In a book review by Dennis Eisenberg (Jerusalem Post Magazine, December 9, 1994) of The Secret War Against The Jews by Loftus and Aarons, the following statement was made:

"One of the book's more startling revelations is that President Sadat agreed to sit down with Prime Minister Begin after the Yom Kippur War not only because of Jimmy Carter's offer of a massive injection of billions of dollars into Egypt's bankrupt treasury. Sadat wanted more than money. So vital was it for the United States president to achieve an international success that he signed a secret addendum (demanded by Sadat) to the Camp David Accords.

"The stab-in-the-back for Begin was a promise to supply Egypt with all Israeli military secrets. A former officer of U.S. Intelligence told the authors: We gave Sadat everything needed for an Egyptian first strike: satellite photos, Israel codes intercepts, the location of Israel's nuclear forces and missile sites.'

"When Begin discovered how we had bribed Sadat, he told everyone to keep their mouth shut. America was the only ally Israel had left', was his explanation. This was no isolated incident of betrayal.

Both Egypt and Saudi Arabia continued to get information about Israel's military secrets until 1994. The Saudis passed on the information to other Arab states, as well as the PLO.


* * *

Could it be that officials at the Pentagon declined to prosecute Schwartz because they feared this unholy intelligence exchange with Saudi Arabia would be revealed in court.?

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