United Torah Parties Include Pollard In Negotiations

May 22, 1996 - Avraham Ravitz

The Honourable Mrs. Esther Pollard,

Peace and blessings.

We wish to inform you that we regard the release from prison of your husband, Jonathan Pollard, as a case of the mitzvah of Pidyon Shvuyim (redemption of a hostage), as was declared by the Rabbis of America (Rosh Yeshivas).

As is known, the mitzvah of Pidyon Shvuyim is of the most important Torah commandments, and the law even permits the selling of a sefer Torah in order to fulfill this mitzvah.

We wish to inform you, on behalf of myself and of Ha'Rav Meir Porush, leaders of the United Torah Parties (Degel Ha'Torah and Agudath Yisrael), that in all future negotiations to form a government, we shall demand that the Government do

whatever is required

with regard to the government of the United States, in order to secure Jonathan's freedom.

We consider the Government of Israel responsible for his plight.

Respectfully yours,

Avraham Ravitz
Leader, Degel Ha'Torah Party