No Parole Hearing For Jonathan Pollard

November 29, 1995

Dear Mrs. Pollard,

This letter will briefly update you on the status of Jonathan's parole:

1. There is no date set for parole at this time. The reason is simple - we see parole as useless at this time.

2. We are in the process of filing our new commutation request and see this as the major focus of our efforts.

3. Parole for Jonathan is out of the question at this point. We have been told by legal experts that the Parole Board would reject Jonathan's request, almost out of hand, or would defer any new parole attempts for at least 15 years.

4. Thus it makes no sense to apply for parole now, or in the near future, unless we receive unequivocal assurances that the Parole Board will act favorably towards Jonathan's request - something which, unfortunately, is not imminent.

5. If the Parole Board reverses its present posture and receives clear, unequivocal requests from the President and the Justice Department, then and only then would we apply to the Parole Board.

Very truly yours,

Larry Dub
(Attorney for Jonathan Pollard)

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