Letter to President Clinton from The Conference of Presidents of Major Jewish Organizations

November 5, 1995

Dear Mr. President,

I was deeply moved by your comments about Prime Minister Rabin and your eulogy at his funeral. As a Jew your words comforted me, as an American you made me proud. I need not tell you of his regard respect and affection for you. He reiterated it to me again in our discussion this past week. I also know that these feelings were fully reciprocated.

While still numbed by this overwhelming tragedy, I thought of my last conversation with him last week. Then, as on another recent occasion, he asked that we approach you on behalf of Jonathan Pollard. I truly believe that a meaningful last gesture to this courageous and great leader would be to grant his request to release Jonathan Pollard. I know that he raised this matter with you several time reflecting the importance he personally attached to it. The Prime Minister well understood the conflicting pressure on you but asked that we intercede as well to help bring a positive decision.

Mr. President, some months ago we wrote you to request a meeting to discuss this and other issues. We followed up on numerous occasions with members of the Administration. We believe that it now takes on greater significance and immediacy.

You have our admiration and appreciation for your words and deeds on the passing of your "chaver."

With respect and warmest wishes.

Sincerely yours,

Malcolm Hoenlein
Executive Vice Chairman

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