Motti Lerner, Renowned Israeli Playwright, Calls for Pollard Release

July 26, 1995

Dear Mrs. Pollard:

I am writing this after our meeting in Tel Aviv, during which I was deeply impressed by your efforts to secure the release of your husband Jonathan.

The story of Jonathan's being "run" by a branch of the Israeli Intelligence Service has become a tragedy whose principal victim is Jonathan. He is paying the price, not for his deeds but rather he continues to languish in prison because of the games of petty self-interested forces in both the Israeli and American governments.

I believe that the Government of Israel must demand Jonathan Pollard's immediate release. Whether the motivating factor is humanitarian concerns or the strategic relationship, there is an obligation that the two countries have to each other, whose principles require mutual accommodation, sometimes on the part of the United States, sometimes on the part of Israel.

Moreover, since the Government of Israel doesn't deny that Pollard was activated by the Israeli Intelligence Service, and since Pollard himself has publicly stated on numerous occasions that it is his intention immediately upon his release to live in Israel, there is absolutely no reason not to grant him Israeli citizenship at once. That is what he has requested, and his request should be honoured; indeed, we are obliged to honor it.

I call upon all the Israeli people - of all political affiliations - to support, on the one hand, a strong initiative on the part of the Israeli Government to secure Jonathan Pollard's release; and, on the other hand, to lend support and encouragement to Jonathan who is languishing in prison.

I wish both you and Jonathan great strength of both body and soul, that will enable you to fight for Jonathan's freedom, and to prove to the world that a man's life and his welfare are not meant as playthings for governments.

Yours with blessings
Motti Lerner

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