Letter to President Clinton from Chief Rabbi of Haifa

July 25, 1995   B"H

His Excellency
President Bill Clinton
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Ave.
Washington, D.C.

Mr. President,

I write to join the plea of my senior colleague, former Chief Rabbi of Israel and Rishon Lezion Rabbi Mordechai Eliyahu, who certainly may be regarded as a foremost spiritual authority in the Jewish religion worldwide.

We appeal to you as a President and as a great humanitarian to ask for clemency and pardon for Mr. Jonathan Pollard. Mr. Pollard is now finishing his tenth year in prison after he was found guilty of spying for the State of Israel.

God has given you, Mr. President, the challenge and opportunity to be the leader of the world's greatest county and the bearer of the flag of freedom, justice and equality of the entire Free World. We know that you have the courage, vision and kindness of heart to act in a merciful way, even against the advice of professionals and narrow-minded officials who do not have the same sensitivity to human suffering that you are known to possess.

It seems to us that

Mr. Pollard has already paid a very high price for his crime. He is in prison for longer than any other person who was found guilty on the charges of spying for a friendly country


We understand that one of the reasons given for his continued imprisonment is fear that he might cause damage to the vital interests of the U.S.A. We believe that this is most unlikely in view of the long time that has elapsed since his service. However, Chief Rabbi Eliyahu and myself are ready to take him in our custody and vouch for his silence and legal behaviour after he is freed from prison.

May the Lord bless you and your great country with success and peace to lead the world in the ways of God for many years to come.

Respectfully yours,

Shean-Yashuv Cohen
Chief Rabbi of Haifa