A.B. Yehoshua Writes About Jonathan Pollard

July 24, 1995 - Translated from a letter to Esther Pollard

Dear Mrs. Pollard,

I listened with great interest to the presentation of the current situation of the case of Jonathan Pollard, and I thank you for supplying me with the appropriate information. My response to the matter is as follows:

1. There is not doubt that the Government of Israel must stop the game of "hide and seek" concerning Jonathan Pollard. The Israeli government "ran" him in the United States, and the government is obliged to accept full responsibility for its agents. All internal debate concerning the logic or morality of this case is not relevant in the light of the fact that the State of Israel must accept full responsibility.

2. This responsibility obligates the State of Israel to work through government channels at the very least to try to shorten Pollard's sentence and to improve the conditions of his incarceration.

3. It is, of course, incumbent upon the State of Israel to admit its guilt in this episode and at least to try to explain to the American public what its motivations were.

4. In my opinion, under no circumstances should the American Jewish community be involved in the campaign for Pollard's release. This is a delicate and complicated issue for them, and since leaders of the community have no authority - neither legal nor practical - there is no reason to request that they become involved on behalf on Pollard. Removing the involvement of the American Jewish community from the case will clear the air and will leave the matter for resolution between the two countries only.

5. Under no circumstances should the matter of securing the release of Jonathan Pollard be only an Israeli right-wing issue. This is an issue that concerns the responsibility of the State as a whole, and from a moral point of view all people, from all ideological camps in the State, are obliged to be involved.

I wish you continued strength and determination in your struggle.

A.B. Yehoshua