Yossi Sarid, Cabinet Minister, Calls For Pollard Release

From: Minister of the Environment Yossi Sarid
To: Mrs. Esther Pollard

July 23, 1995

Dear Esther Pollard,

For many years, I have viewed Jonathan Pollard's actions most seriously, and have not wanted to be involved in activity on his part.

I believe, though that 10 years is an extremely long time for anyone to be held in prison. It is too long, and the time has come for Jonathan Pollard's release. There are other persons convicted of espionage offenses for friendly nations in a similar situation to Jonathan Pollard, and who have been released from American prisons after only a few years.

On the grounds of basic humanitarian and moral reasons, a way must be found for the immediate release of Jonathan Pollard.

Wishing you much strength,

Yours sincerely,
Yossi Sarid

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