Letter to President Clinton from Rabbi Mordechai Eliahu

July 23, 1995

Dear Mr. President,

I am turning to you both as a president as as a man - as an honest man with a good reputation, known for helping and assisting others; and as a president who has in his hands both the power and the might to act on behalf of the general public, and on behalf of the individual citizen.

My concern is Jonathan Pollard (May G-d protect him). It is within the power of one who rules to raise himself up and transcend the common fray. It is writen in Psalms 130:4, "Forgiveness belongs to you that you may be feared." Our sages interpret this verse to mean that The Holy One, Blessed be He, forgives, and He is feared all the more so.

The Holy One, Blessed be He, raised you up and made you president of a great country. It is incumbant upon you to emulate what is pleasing to G-d, and to be as He is - forgiving and merciful.

He (Jonathan Pollard) did what he did. He has been punished enough. He will never do such things again. I am willing to act as his gurantor and to take him into my custody and to accept full responsibility for him. When I met with Jonathan Pollard, I saw a dignified man, a man of noble sensitivities who is deserving of special consideration. According to our sages, whoever shows mercy to G-d's creatures, G-d shall be merciful to him.

Do this good deed, and I believe that in doing good for Jonathan Pollard, you will be doing good for the American nation, and good for the nation of Israel, as well as good for the entire world. Please release him at once.

My blessing is that G-d should lead you on the right and good path, that you should act righteously and succeed, both personally and publically, as it is written in the Book of Genesis, Verse 39:2, "The Lord was with Joseph and he was successful." G-d is with you. Do and succeed.

With blessings and fondness from Ha'Rav Eliahu
(Former Chief Rabbi of Israel)

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