The Jewish Political Caucus Repeats Appeal for Release of Pollard

Copy of letter as published in the "The Caucus Current Magazine" - November 1994.

October 19, 1994

Dear President Clinton:

Recently, I wrote to you that Jonathan Pollard has been in prison too long and that you should commute his sentence to time served.

Your reply included the same tired phrases that, "the Justice Department, the Pentagon, et al, were all against it," as though Aldrich Ames didn't exist. Many of those opposed to Pollard's commutation of sentence had been opposed precisely because the crimes they thought Pollard guilty of were a result of Ames pointing a finger in Pollard's direction.

As you take an interest in history, let me recall a famous Abe Lincoln story. Lincoln and his cabinet met to consider a very important decision. While I cannot recall he issue, I remember the vote. President Lincoln, after making a presentation to his cabinet, asked for a vote of the "nays". Every member of his cabinet raised his hand. Then Lincoln asked for a vote of the "ayes". Lincoln alone raised his hand. Then he very quietly stated: "The ayes have it."

Our organization endorsed you back in 1992 because we wanted someone who had good feelings about Jews and would have the compassion and courage to do the right thing.

As president, you have the right and the power to either pardon Jonathan Pollard or to commute his sentence to time served. Try on Abe Lincoln's shoes. They might fit.


Peggy A. Weinstein
Jewish Political Caucus