NJ Political Action Committee Urges Clinton to Free Pollard

Political Action Committee of Cherry Hill
P.O. Box 8442
Cherry Hill, New Jersey 08002


September 13, 1994

The Honorable Bill Clinton
President of the United States
The White House
Washington, DC 20500

Dear President Clinton:

Our organization is writing to you on behalf of Jonathan Pollard. In every presidency issues arise which future historians interpret as helping to define the character, courage, and decency of the man who governed. The call for the immediate release of Jonathan Pollard is one such issue.

Aside from the sentence whose harshness far exceeded any espionage committed against the United States by an enemy foreign power, the facts remain clear as to the disposition of his term. He spied for a friendly power which was not informed by the U.S. as to the military buildup of its enemies. Jonathan Pollard sought to level the playing field, which has long been our country's interests in the region. Our government at that time chose not to inform Israel of these developments. Your track record has been outspoken when past governments acted against American interests.

The time has come to close the chapter on this era. By commuting Jonathan Pollard's sentence and releasing him you will have committed an act of courage and wisdom. Passing government secrets to a foreign power is a crime for which Pollard has more than served his time. But, a man will have been set free for an act that did not compromise U.S. interests, but actually sought to protect them. Future historians will look upon this act of clemency as a moment when President Clinton displayed decency and fair mindedness to all parties involved.