Traitor Ames Gets Same Sentence as Pollard, Miller Free

June 2, 1994 - The Jewish Western Bulletin

Richard Miller, the FBI agent who committed


by spying for the Soviets, was freed recently after serving a small portion of his 20-year sentence.

Aldridge Ames, who committed treason and whose activities on behalf of the Soviet Union resulted in the deaths of many American agents, is now serving

the exact same sentence as Jonathan Pollard


Charged with only one count of passing classified information to an


(Israel), and never charged with


the United States, Pollard continues to languish in prison, serving

the longest sentence in the history of the U.S. for anyone charged with a similar offence

. Indeed, his sentence is


than those who were charged with more serious offences. This constitutes a de facto redefinition of Israel as an "


" of the United States.

President Clinton's false claim that Pollard had "harmed" the U.S. perpetuates the miscarriage of justice. The pleas of millions of people for justice for Jonathan Pollard have fallen on deaf ears. The personal intervention of Prime Minister Rabin has been ignored. This is further confirmation of Israel's "enemy" status.

The harsh and unprecendented treatment of Pollard and the grossly disproportionate sentence he is serving are an outrage! The Clinton administration is not above the law, and in America, equal justice for all, free of racial, religious or political bias,

is the law