Senator Arlen Spector Favors Clemency, Says Sentence Is Excessive

WASHINGTON, DC 20510-6275

May 19, 1994

Jerold and Florence Klevit
100 West Avenue, C-12 South
Beaver Hill Condominium
Jenkintown, PA 19046

Dear Mr. And Mrs. Klevit:

Thank you for your correspondence to my office regarding Jonathan Pollard's sentence. I write to bring you up to date on my thinking on the prospects of clemency for Mr. Pollard and to commend you for your tireless efforts on his behalf.

I had discussed the issue of clemency for Mr. Pollard with a number of key administration officials, so that I was not surprised when the President turned down his clemency request. While that request was pending, there was active investigation into espionage involving Mr. and Mrs. Aldrich Ames, so the timing of Mr. Pollard's clemency request was especially problemsome.

I continue to favor clemency for Mr. Pollard because I think the sentence is excessive considering all the facts, and I am optimistic that a future application has an excellent chance for success.

Thank you again for sharing your views with me. I trust that you will continue to do so.


Arlen Specter