Letter: Canadian Friends of International Christian Embassy to President

Canadian Friends of the International Christian Embassy, Jerusalem
Affiliate of International Christian Embassy, Jerusalem
P.O. Box 636, Oakville, Ontario
Canada L6J 5C1

Tel 416 338 2272
Fax 905 338 6365

March 24, 1994

Fax to:

President Bill Clinton,
The White House
Washington D.C.
202-456- 2461

Mr. President:

We appeal to you again, as the only compassionate source of hope, on behalf of Jonathan Pollard.

As a lawyer of 28 years experience, and as a student of jurisprudence, I cannot possibly accept as "justice" a life sentence without a trial. No matter how it is rationalized, the "land of the free and the home of the brave" has acted like the former USSR in this case.

Your legal system cannot justify injustice under the cover of "national security" and still retain the respect of other nations.

We are, however, encouraged by your statement last night on the Peter Jennings Show, that "My God is the God of a Second Chance."

Humanly speaking, you are Jonathan Pollard's only hope of a second chance.


Alan Lazerte
on behalf of the Board & members across Canada