Call For Magnanimity

C.L. Leci - The Jerusalem Post - November 30, 1993

Sir, - It is with regret that we learned that President Clinton has decided to await the results of a judicial review into the case of Jonathan Pollard rather than use his presidential prerogative and grant an immediate pardon.

A precedent has already been set by his predecessor, President Bush, last December when he used his presidential prerogative and granted executive clemency to former Defense Secretary Casper Weinberger and others involved in the Iran-Contra affair investigation, without awaiting a review of the judicial investigation.

In recent months, President Clinton has exerted pressure on a reluctant Israeli prime minister to exchange a handshake with the leader of a world terrorist organization. Surely, if Prime Minister Rabin can exhibit such magnanimity, then in the same spirit, we would expect President Clinton to be magnanimous and reciprocate this gesture.

C.L. Leci, Executive Director,
British Campaign for the Release of Jonathan Pollard