UJA Rabbinic Director Appeals to Clinton to Free Pollard

Rabbi Doniel Z. Kramer

October 27, 1993
12 Mar Heshvan 5754

President Bill Clinton
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue
Washington, DC 20500


Dear President Clinton:

I want to commend you for the initiatives that you have taken to better the lot the American citizen and for your support of the people of Israel.

During your campaign, you promised to review the case of Jonathan Pollard. Please, in the name of justice, do not delay in commuting the sentence of Jonathan Pollard. He acted out of genuine concern for the security of one of the United States' strongest and closest allies, Israel. While his actions were clearly wrong, he never sought to harm the interest of the United States. He was punished for his activities, by the severity of the sentence was much harsher than the sentences given to others whose acts were much more injurious to the welfare of the United States.

In your many policy statements, your sense of justice and compassion has come across very clearly. I ask that you show these same qualities to Jonathan Pollard and free him now.

Thank you for your very kind consideration of this matter.

Sincerely yours,

Rabbi Doniel Z. Kramer
Director, United Jewish Appeal Rabbinic Cabinet