The ADL and Pollard

The Jerusalem Post - July 2, 1993

Sir, - Your April 18 editorial "The assault on the ADL," extolling the virtues of the ADL is rather surprising. One must surely wonder whether this is the same organization that was unable to detect any semblance of antisemitism in the Jonathan Pollard case, presumably because there were no burning crematoria.

Pollard was initially placed in an institution for the criminally insane when the prison authorities freely admitted that his condition did not warrant such action.

Lawrence Korb, a key assistant of Caspar Weinberger, wrote that Weinberger's "visceral dislike of Israel" contributed to the excessiveness of Pollard's sentence.

One of the appellate judges during the September 10, 1991, hearing exclaimed: "How can it be justified that the secretary of defense uses the term 'treason' in a case in which the government could not, and did not charge treason?"

Jonathan Pollard is the only convicted spy to have received a life sentence for espionage on behalf of an ally, with an implied recommendation against parole. No signs of antisemitism!

Jewry awaits the day when the ADL will be moved to react to the killing of Yankel Rosenbaum as they did in the beating of Rodney King. And indeed, a little rachmones on behalf of Jonathan Pollard, even ignoring any overtones of antisemitism, would be welcome. Jews, too, are entitled to rights.

Alex Rose, West Orange, N.J.