A Move To Another Prison is not a Victory!

June 22, 1993 - Press Release

In an arduous and painful 16 hour trip in a closed van on June 21, 1993, Jonathan Pollard was transferred to the federal penitentiary in Butner, North Carolina.

A move to another prison is not a victory!

It is not a reason to relax concern for Mr. Pollard!

Jonathan Pollard has served and is still serving the

longest, harshest, most excessive sentence in American history

of any person convicted of a similar offence. Jonathan Pollard has suffered enough!

Now more than ever

is the time to demand that this blot on American history be removed. Now more than ever, it is time to demand that justice finally be done for Jonathan Pollard.

Anyone with a conscience and a concern for justice should write to President Clinton without delay and demand that Jonathan Pollard's life sentence be immediately commuted to time served.

Enough is enough!