Evangelical Leader Ed Steele Calls for Release of Pollard

Justice4JP Release - January 20, 1993

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Thomas Ed Steel
Nat. Secretary, The Evangelical Christian Zionist Congress of America
Chairman, The Evangelical Leadership Campaign To Free Jonathan Pollard

January 20, 1993

President Bill Clinton c/o Chief of staff
The White House, Washington, DC

Dear Mr. President:

I'm writing as Chairman of the EVANGELICAL LEADERSHIP CAMPAIGN TO FREE JONATHAN POLLARD and on behalf of the much broader Evangelical Constituency in the U.S.

Mr. President, your stirring service at the AME Church this morning, your recent meeting with some of our Evangelical leaders and your publicly expressed faith and respect for the Bible are encouragement to our hearts, and your gracious reminder from the Scriptures, "Be not weary in well doing and in due season you shall reap if you faint not", has motivated us to continue our efforts by requesting that you rectify a serious seven-year injustice as one of the. earliest acts of your presidency by commuting the sentence of Jonathan Pollard. To do so would heal what will surely become an increasingly festering sore in our national psyche.

Since the beginning of the Pollard case we've been repelled by the harsh sentence - life in solitary confinement - for one who did NOT commit a treasonable act by disclosing secrets to an enemy; who did NOT act out of greed but out of a desire to provide important information to ISRAEL, an important military ally - Information which by agreement was rightfully hers but was inexplicably withheld; Mr. Pollard was appropriately sorrowful for his misdeed; he assisted the government in preparing the case against himself; He spared the U.S. huge costs and potential embarrassment by foregoing a trial upon the promise of a reasonable sentence for himself and freedom from prison for his ailing wife who was never tried and convicted as an accessory to a crime - promises which were not kept.

Therefore we join our Jewish brethren and friends from all segments of our community in respectfully calling upon you to ...


Such an act will be applauded by both Democrat and Republican Members of Congress, by the Leadership of both, by members of your own Cabinet, and by a large majority of your fellow members in the sixty-million strong Evangelical Christian constituency in America.


Thomas Ed Steele
CHAIRMAN, The Evangelical Leadership Campaign To Free Jonathan Pollard and
NATIONAL SECRETARY of The Evangelical Christian Zionist Congress of America

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