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  • November 18, 2007: Marking the Completion of 22 years in prison today
    Reshet Bet interview with Esther Pollard

    Today's date, 8 Kislev 5768, according to the Hebrew lunar calendar corresponds to the Gregorian date of Jonathan Pollard's arrest 22 years ago, November 21, 1985. This day marks the completion of 22 years in prison. On the eve of a cabinet meeting (tomorrow) to respond to the American demand to free an additional 500 Palestinian murderers, Esther expresses astonishment at the failure of Israel's leadership to speak out, demanding that the prime minister first secure Jonathan's release from the Americans, before making any further gestures.

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  • Galei Tzahal Interview with Esther Pollard RE: Knesset Committee Calls for Probe of Pollard Case

    In this interview on IDF Radio, Galei Tzahal, Esther Pollard responds to the breaking news of the Knesset State Control Committee authorizing the Israeli State Comptroller to begin an investigation into the Israeli Governments' handling of the Pollard case and its failure to secure his release for the last 23 years.

    Esther makes it clear that there is a time to investigate and a time to save a life. Now is the time, she says, particularly just days before the arrival of President George Bush in Israel, to press for Jonathan's release. Once he is home and out of harm's way, Esther continues, there will be ample time for investigations.

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  • March 25, 2008 - Razi Barkai interview with Esther Pollard on IDF Radio

    Razi Barkai does a comprehensive update with Esther Pollard in Hebrew following Minister Rafi Eitan's cunning declaration that he expects Jonathan Pollard home soon.

  • November 26, 2008: Galei Tzahal Interview with Esther Pollard
    Jonathan Pollard begins year 24 in Prison as Olmert meets with Bush in Washington

    After receiving an on-the-air update about the renewed campaign for Jonathan Pollard's release from journalist Ilil Shachar, and announcing the new toll-free number for Israelis to call the White House [dial 077- 5664305] IDF radio news anchor and popular talk show host, Razi Barkai, interviews Esther Pollard in Hebrew. Barkai discusses with Esther the fortuitous confluence of circumstances which now favors the Government of Israel with a golden opportunity to secure Jonathan's release and bring him home, ALIVE!

  • December 9, 2008 - Radio Moreshet Interview: Pollards urge Chabad to participate in Mitzvah of Pidyan Shvuyim

    As Jonathan Pollard entered his 24th year of a life sentence (on the 8th of Kislev) his wife, Esther, was a featured guest on Kol Yisrael's Radio Moreshet (Heritage Radio).

    Esther was interviewed in Hebrew the 9th of Kislev (Motzei Shabbat, 6/12/08) at the Kol Yisrael studios by Uri Revach. Her interview took place concurrently with the interview of three Chabad representatives, invited to speak about the recent hostage tragedy in Mumbai. Esther used the opportunity to make an impassioned plea to the American executive leadership of Chabad, to help save Jonathan's life by participating in the mitzvah of Pidyan Shvuyim.

  • December 15, 2008: YWN Interview of Chief Rabbi Metzger after prison visit with Jonathan Pollard

    On December 15, 2008, Chief Rabbi of Israel Yona Metzger, accompanied by Rabbi Pesach Lerner Executive VP of NCYI & Mr. Shlomo Mostovsky Naional President of NCYI, visited with Jonathan Pollard at FCI Butner. Immediately after the visit, Rabbi Metzger was interviewed by Yeshiva World News.

  • Jan. 21, 2009: Pollard clemency campaign had every advantage, but one

  • Oct. 6, 2009: Redux: Akedat Yehonatan - A heart-rending ballad dedicated to Jonathan Pollard: Justice4JPnews

  • Aug. 1, 2010: HaRav HaGaon Ben-Tzion Motzofi on Jonathan Pollard: Justice4JPnews

  • Jan. 8, 2011: Audio: PM Netanyahu's Speech in Knesset Calling for Pollard's Release: Justice4JPnews
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